... Error inflating class android.support.design ... Error inflating class android.support.design.widget ... View Inflation Error in Navigation Drawer Activity. What I am missing ? Error inflating class android.support.design.widget.NavigationView ... Error inflating class android.support.design.widget.NavigationView. android.support.design; android.support.design.widget; android.support.dynamicanimation; ... BottomNavigationView One component of the Design Support Library that we didn't cover in the earlier series on that library was the new TextInputLayout which adds some nice additions to a standard EditText control to prov Problem with Support Design Library ... Error inflating class android.support.design.widget.NavigationView android.view.LayoutInflater ... Navigation View xml: Design Support Library The Android Design Support Library brings a number of important material design elements to older Android devices. Joyce Echessa demonstrates how the Android Design Support library can bring Material Design to older Android versions. Xamarin.Android.Support.Design. android.support.design.widget.TextInputEditText ... From class android.support.v7.widget.AppCompatEditText ... BottomNavigationView.OnNavigationItemReselectedListener; I was able to add Xamarin.Android API level 25 (Pr-Release version) but could not access BottomNavigationView in Activity class. Adding the Bottom Navigation View to your layout To begin with we need to update our dependancy! First look at BottomNavigationView from Android Design ... After support library was updated we can use android.support.design.widget ... with this error: ... but could not access BottomNavigationView in Activity class. With the latest updates to the Android Support v7 AppCompat Library, revision 22.1, integrating Googles Material Design has never been easier. marketcloud-sample-android-application - Sample Android application that implements the Marketcloud Android SDK I followed up those answers error-inflating-class-android , support-design-widget-navigationview. Hi, I am attempting to create a tabbed layout using this example: https://github.com/codepath/android_guides/wiki/Google-Play-Style-Tabs-using-TabLayout Xamarin.Android.Support.Design. ... but could not access BottomNavigationView in Activity class. ... Binary XML file line #1: Error inflating class mdc.ehs.trir.classes.RemarksEditText. android.support.design.widget.TextInputLayout ... From class android.widget.LinearLayout ... Returns the error message that